John Ventre is available to give professional powerpoint-video 
presentations on the following topics:	

The Case for UFO's

This is a two hour presentation highlighting cases and documents that prove UFO's are real. The presentation includes videos, official documents, the history of UFO's, and the Vatican's and US Presidents'stances on UFO's.

The 2008 Pennsylvania UFO Wave

This is a one hour presentation reviewing the UFO across the southern part of Pennsylvania, from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, over the summer of 2008. The presentation includes a UFO map, TV news clips, photos and witness testimony. The Bucks County investigation appeared on Discovery Channels "UFOs over Earth" in Nov 2008.

End of Time

This is a one hour presentation on the end of time. Cultural prophecy from the Mayans to I-Ching, to the Hopi Indians, to Jean Dixon and Edgar Cayce. A review of a possible "7 Signs" scenario. Supervolcano's, asteroids, flooding, plagues, the 4 Horsemen, and of course the rise of the "Anti Christ".

UFO's in Art and History

This is a 90 minute presentation featuring UFO's in cave drawings, petroglyphs, Renaissance art, maps, monks, and ancient Sumeria. The Vedic's of India highlight this talk along with the Old Testament, Dropa stones, and the Myans. John can be contacted for presentations at: Phone: (724) 420-5363 Email: